Totally Tapas

Tapas, pinchos, banderillas, raciones, pulguitas, montaditos, cazuelitas. Before you think that those words are just the mere words you learn in Spanish 101, let me tell you that they are more than that. They are more delicious than what you think. Those words (yes, they’re Spanish words, so you’re right there) are just some of the most well-loved snacks from Spain. These are bite-sized foods, which are usually eaten with drinks such as beer or wine. They can all be collectively called as tapas alone.

Tapas is a favorite snack among our Hispanic friends, but it is just too good not to be shared to the whole country-nay, the whole world!

Tapas is a very interesting snack that gains the approval of every member of the family-from kids who get attracted by the snack’s colorfulness, to the grandparents who enjoy it because they can easily chew and bite it (read as dentures). This makes tapas really a food for the family, and thus is an ideal serving during family gatherings and occasions.

Practically, everything can make a good ingredient for tapas. However, the most-loved tapas is the one with tuna chunks and olives. Not only are these ingredients very delicious, they are also healthier ingredients that pork or beef.
Tapas also comes with sumptuous sauces and dips. These can be anything from simple tomato sauce to vinegar sauce to gravy. Sometimes, it’s the sauce which makes the snack more interesting and worth having a munch on.

As this snack became more popular, more recipes were also developed. But the classic tapas recipes would always be Spanish omelettes. These are omelettes in small-servings, which usually comes with a vinegar dip spiced with onions and pepper.

But tapas has now become more green, as vegetarian recipes are introduced. There is Patatas Bravas, which boasts of spicey fried potato sliced with matching brava sauce. There is also Stuffed Tomato Tapas, which are tomatoes creatively stuffed with delicious fillings. But vegetarians will surely love Green Asparagus with Salmon, which has the good mix of sweetness from fresh asparagus stalks and of saltiness from baked salmons.

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