The Wonders of Cupping

Last week, I came across a very unique method of treatment. I went to a local spa only to have my feet pampered and treated, but then when I saw one of the spa masseurs using what I sensed were pieces of glass cups, I immediately got my nose into what I sensed as something interesting. I inquired about the treatment, and after a series of chitchat with the spa personnel, I learned that the unique treatment is called cupping.

And so, curious as I am, I surfed the Internet and researched about this treatment. And the more I learned about cupping, the more I got thrilled at trying this treatment on my next visit to the spa. So here is what I found about this exciting and unique method of treatment called cupping.

Originating from the Oriental Medical tradition, cupping is a century-old medical treatment that employs the use of cups made of thick glass (but plastic, bamboo, iron and clay-made cups are also used), and heat, which is derived from small candles or other flammable materials like cotton balls soaked in alcohol.

The small candles are placed in specific parts of the body. They are then lit up until the flames are strong. Next, the cups are turned upside down to cover the candles. You will then notice that the skin rise up until the flames died.

This is because this treatment works as a vacuum which sucks the skin up inside the cup. While this sounds very horrific, this method is very safe and painless. Sucking the skin up does a lot of health benefits for the body: it opens up pores to release toxins out from the body, it regulates and stimulates blood flow, and it balances the body’s qi, or in Chinese’s tradition, the energy innate in our body.

This method is said to target the body’s ‘meridians’, which are the channels throughout the body where energy immensely flows to reach every body organ and tissues. These meridians are located on the back, that’s is why cupping is usually done in that body part.

This method is said to cure different ailments, including headache, dizziness, asthma, bronchitis, flatulence, abdominal pain, arthritis, and congestion. Cupping is also used to treat patients suffering from depression and other psychological disorders.

Cupping is made more relaxing and enjoyable with the use of herbal oils and medicated oils. The fragrance from these oils surely completes the healing experience cupping provides to our body.

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