Summer Safety Tips

Summer is definitely here! Have you prepared your plans on where you and your family should spend this year’s summer vacation? I’m sure your kids can no longer contain their excitement about the forecoming vacation! And I’m sure of you too! Truly, summer vacation is one great family event everybody looks forward to. But before your excitement gets you head over heels, you must consider that aside from enjoying and having fun, you should also ensure you and your family’s safety during your summer trip. Here are few simple tips on how to make your summer vacation safe, hassle-free and truly worth-remembering.

1. Pack lightly. You do not want to spoil your vacation with loads of bags here and there. Bring only the stuff you will need for your trip. You should bring clothes that are light, wrinkle-free, and do not take up much space when folded. You should also bring toiletries, especially when you are not intending to stay in a hotel or somewhere where this essentials is provided. Light loads will not only make you more comfortable in moving from vehicle to vehicle during your trip, but also not cause your body harm, since heavy backpacks can cause backache when carrying for a period of time.

2. Bring only the essential gadgets. Consider bringing only one digicam: the handier the better. After all, what you only need to do is to capture the happy moments during your trip and not the document the whole trip itself! If possible, leave your other gadgets ( eg. Laptop, Ipad, DSLR) at home because they are too bulky to be brought during your trip. Besides, they are a huge liability, and you don’t want them to be lost or destroyed. Bring your cell phones with you, and check if you have as much load as possible, because there might be no available loading station in where you are going. Also, if you can bring the oldest cell phone model, you have, do it.

After all, you will only be using your phone for communication, not for other stuff such as picture taking (that’s what the digicam is for) and the Internet browsing (heck, remember you are in a VACATION). The reason why you should bring your less-impressive gadgets with you is because you become less attractive to the unscrupulous kind. Also, the less gadgets you have, the less worry about them being misplaced or destroyed or stolen.

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