Safe Waxing Tips

When my brows were starting to grow into different directions, particularly with both ends trying to form into an odd arch, I felt like it needed trimming. Of course, it was the early 80s, tweezing was the only gadget that I know of to help trim my brows. The only thing that my mom used plucking her underarms, too.
Yet, had waxing ever existed in my youth era, I should have opted for that treatment instead. It was an agonizing pain as I try to pluck one hair after another. My mom would say, “That’s the price you have to pay for your vanity.”

Is waxing painless? No. As I escaped out an abrupt yelp when I had my first waxing at a city salon.But, not the kind of scream you’ll get when each hair strand is pulled off. Because waxing removes hair in batches. And, as the procedure becomes a regular, the becomes bearable.

The most benefit of waxing. Though, waxing isn’t gonna be free so unlike when you are doing at-home tweezing, waxing unlike shaving, your legs or bikini area is free from cuts and razor burns. Besides, waxing treatments can actually save you amount of money because when hairs are wax, hairs are removed deeper into the skin whereas in shaving, only the outermost part of the hair is removed. Hence, waxing keeps regrowth of hair for two to three weeks depending on how often you have wax treatment.

How safe is waxing? In totality, waxing is at least one of the safest and most effective hair removal treatments available. It’s actually an improvement of the traditional plucking and shaving. Though, there are still many people who prefer shaving. Then came the popularity of bikini wax. Those wanting to have their hairs removed over the genital areas, waxing seems to be beating out other services/treatments for hair removal. Not when something nasty happens. There has been reported cases of women being hospitalized after undergoing waxing treatment. These reports probe much into the review of the training of salon staff and had gone off to make stricter rules for the safety of the tools used in waxing and the cleanliness of every salon service.

For those planning to pick waxing for the removal of unwanted hairs, make sure that the salon or spa center uses safety measures such as gloves for the staff and checked to see if the wax applicator is regularly changed. These simple procedures can go a long way to avoid the risk of infections and have a safe waxing satisfaction.

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