Meditation 101

Yoga and meditation are indeed the trendiest way to free ourselves from stress, anxiety, depression and tension. More and more people are getting hooked to meditation. However, some people have some trouble as to how to start and keep going with meditation. Worry no more because here are some practical tips on how to get yourself started with the beauty and indulgence meditation has to offer.

1. You know too well that the basic form of meditation is sitting. Called “zazen” which means “just sitting,” this is done by simply sitting down with your hands lying comfortably in your lap. To do this, first find yourself a comfortable place. Make sure that these places are completely flat, so that you can sit properly that you are not slouching or likely to lay down later. Also, make sure that the place is silent, so you may have to turn off every electronic device that has loud sounds such as the television and cell phone. This is so that nothing interrupts you while you are on your relaxation.

2. Now that you have found yourself the best place to do the zazen, follow these simple steps: Sit down in an Indian sit position, wherein you are sitting on your buttocks and your soles facing each other. Next, place your hands steadily and comfortably on your lap. Next, slowly close your eyes, and clear your mind so that you are practically mind-sleeping. Next, breathe deeply and fully, until you come to a natural breathing rhythm. Focus deeply on your breathing, so that this should only be the thing that now occupies your mind.

3. You may also maximize your meditation experience with the help of sounds. Listen to mellow music while doing the yoga. Soft sounds help our body to relax and release stress and tension. Consider listening to classical music or the recorded sounds of nature, such as sounds of birds chirping, and leaves rattling, or rivers flowing.

4. Meditation is also more fun when it is done with individuals whom you share the desire to indulge in the comforts brought by the practice. Invite friends to come over your home to join you in your meditation, or you may join meditation groups that may be organized in your community.

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