Make Mondays Manic

Among the days of the week, some people find it hard to make their Mondays the most productive. This is perhaps because they have not yet gotten over the fun and excitement (or lethargy) they had during the last weekend. Called the weekend overhang, this unproductiveness people feel during the first day of the working week is indeed a hard thing to deal with and may pose serious problems to one’s professional undertaking.

In most offices, Monday means a lot of things. It is Meeting day, where employees gather to talk about the office’s goal for the week. It may also be Report day, because Mondays are usually the time when the boss comes over to the office to check on his people and their performances (this is especially true in offices where the boss does not stay there 24/7).

Ultimately, Mondays are Make-up days, where office workers must finish hanging tasks, which should have been done on the previous week.

Employees must be most productive during this day, and should not waste their time doing nothing. Indeed, Monday is the most crucial day in the office calendar. If you believe so in this, read on and know the ways to getting Manic Mondays.

    1. Have a mindset. On your way to the office, remind yourself that the weekend is over, and that you should start the week right. While at the office, let only those work-related thoughts fill your minds. There’s no room for thoughts about how crazy the Saturday party was, or how lovely the steak you ate for Sunday lunch.

    2. If you have urgent things to fulfill for the week, do them on Mondays. This does not only make you occupied during the first day of the week, but also gives you enough time in case you realize you need more days to actually finish the task.

    3. Meet with clients on a Monday. You don’t want to disappoint your client by meeting him/her unprepared and unexcited. Setting meetings on a Monday will give you the drive to be enthusiastic and energetic on the first day of the week.

    4. The first few hour of the first day of the week is said to be the most ideal time to engage in business talks. Close deals with clients before the clock strike 12 noon.You may later realize how easy the business went on, and the deal is closed in no time.

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