Let’s Talk About Tofu

Tofu is fast gaining the interest of food lovers and the gustatory critics. It is said to be the best substitute for meat, thus an apt ingredient for a vegetarian cuisine. Also known as soybean curd, tofu is the white, soft and jelly substance you usually find in your vegan food. It is made from soybeans, water and a curdling agent.

It is a favorite addition to every vegan food because of this nutritional value. It is high in protein and calcium. It also has the ability to absorb new flavors when added with spices and marinade. It originated in the Asian cuisine tradition, but is slowly gaining popularity in the Western culinary practices because of its versatility.

There are two kinds of tofu: the silken tofu and the regular tofu. The silken tofu is softer than the regular tofu. Although their ingredients are practically the same, they are prepared in two different manners. They are also sold separately, hence you may notice that silken tofu is placed differently from regular tofu in grocery stores. Regular tofu is the ones usually placed in the refrigerators, while the silken tofu is packaged in aseptic boxes that don’t require refrigeration.

Aside from protein and calcium, tofu also contains high amounts of calorie, iron, and fat. But what you will love about tofu is that it is cholesterol-free! This is because tofu is obtained from a plant, which is soya, and not from meat.

Tofu can be an interesting ingredient to almost every dish you can think of. Tofu can absorb color, texture and taste of whatever ingredient it is mixed with. It blends well with ingredients such as rice, pasta, salad, and even desserts. It can also be very crunchy when fried hence a good add-on to lasagna and pizza. It can also serve well as an extender, thus makes a good ingredient for burger patties and meat balls.

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