Healthy Popsicle Treat for Summer

One way to cool down these hot summer days are eating popsicles. What we do not know about popsicles is -they aren’t for kids only. We can beat the heat frolicking in the sandy beach holding a stick or two of our favorite popsicles. Such a great idea to be living like kids again.

Only, we can devour as many sticks as we can without feeling the weight. There are many ideas one can do to bring into a home made popsicle stick. Popsicle recipes are as healthy and nutritious you can pop in from the freezer when cravings came.

Turn your favorite smoothie into popsicles. Fruits, as we all know contains as many vitamins and minerals and packs a load of antioxidants. Strawberry smoothie, banana smoothie, melon smoothie. There are lots of fresh fruits to choose from especially at the peak of summer months when there’s variety of fruits available in the market. You can even combine fruits to make an exotic tasting popsicle treats.

Try out my favorite fruity summer smoothie turned into healthy popsicles.
Yellow Medley Popsicles
You will need:

    Yellow mangoes, banana, lemon
    Lemon juice
    Low-fat yogurt


Mix all-together in a blender. Pour in popsicles molds. Freeze.

• The sweetness of the ripe mangoes and the bananas will fuse into the tangy flavor of lemon. It’s a medley of vitamins that will completely fire up our body systems. Plus the low-fat yogurt will provide the needed protein and calcium to help in the bone building body processes.

Fruit Passion Popsicles
You will need:

    Watermelon, melon, papaya
    Orange zest
    Orange juice or water
    Cinnamon sticks


I prefer to mix all the ingredients in a food processor. Pour into popsicles molds. Freeze.

• That easy. I like that I can bite those little fruit fibers and bite into it until it slowly melts into the mouth. The fruit combination is surely low on carbs as there’s more water content than the carbs itself. Plus, the popsicle recipe is high in dietary fiber. A necessary nutrient needed in achieving good health.

There are healthier and equally nutritious options for making homemade popsicles. You can even mix in some fresh vegetables like cucumber and carrots into the fruit mix. Relive the fun of our childhood. Popsicles aren’t for kids only. They are equally great for aduls, too. Indulging the freshness of the frozen recipe without the guilt of sugars and fats.

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