Get Rid of Allergy wihtout Getting Fat

There are some people who seem to be more prone to having allergies. And now that allergy season is just around the corner, more people are going to rush into their pharmacy stores again to grab those medications to get rid of their allergies. And yet again, after the allergy season, these people will just be surprised finding that they no longer fit in their jeans. Why? Anti-histamines are believed to cause weight gain.

In a 2010 study made by Yale University researchers, it was found out that people who take in anti-allergy medications are more likely showing signs of obesity. Some of the cited anti-histamines drugs used by the subjects of the study include cetirizine and fexofenadine. It is also found out that the effects are more distinct in men.

This proves that indeed, there is a connection between your getting rid of allergies and your gaining of weight. On one hand, anti-histamine drugs work as a sedative such that a person gets easily tired and sleepy, hence no opportunity for movement and fitness activities. Also, anti-histamines cause one to become frequently thirsty, but instead of taking in water, one takes in food. Anti-histamine drugs are also believed to improve our appetite, thus giving is the drive to eat and eat and eat.

On the other hand, it is believed that there is something with obesity, which actually causes allergies. So, it is the other way around. Fat cells, which are abundant in the bodies of obese people, release cytokines, which are chemicals that promote the release of histamines, which trigger allergies. So, the more fat cells, the more likely one is to get allergies.

However, either way, it is clear that one affects the other. But good thing is, there are ways to treating runny nose, sneezing, and itching eyes and nose without adding tips on the weighing scale.

When having allergic attacks, take in a lot of water. Water cleans our body and helps us to remove allergy-inciting toxins in our body. It also helps in replenishing the liquids we lose in our body due to colds and sneezing. Needless to say, water is really an effective therapy because it is not only cheap, but also safe and can be sourced even from the home itself.

Talk to your doctor. Sometimes, an allergy is not a plain allergy at all. Some more serious ailments might be underlying the allergy. Get some diagnosis to treat your allergy the safe, appropriate and professionally-guided way.

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