Get Enough Vitamin D for your Body

Its summer time and chances are you will be spending much time under the sun, and thus a good chance of getting a lot of vitamin D. But climate change and global warming have rendered the sunlight to become more dangerous for human consumption. Studies say too much exposure from the sun can cause skin cancer. But even those sun screens and sun blocks you use to protect your skin can all the same harm you.

Surely, there are easier, safer ways to get a dose of Vitamin D. And reasons why we should get Vitamin D are sensible and aplenty: it prevents bone cancer, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and other bone-related diseases; it reduces the chance of hypertension, high blood pressure and other heart diseases; and it lessens the risk for other fatal diseases like diabetes and cancer. But how much vitamin D your body need is somewhat vague: some say you need 200 IU (International Unit) if you are below 50 years old, others say you need 2000 IU, and to the extreme, 4000 IU. The best way to know how much Vitamin D should you intake is to consult your healthcare provider.

Is it high time to cross the sun out in the list of sources of Vitamin D? Not really. Here are some ways to SAFELY obtain Vitamin D from the sun, as well as other sources of this vitamin.

15 minutes under the sun is BEST.
Expose yourself under the sun for a brief 15 minutes three times a week is enough to prevent getting Vitamin D deficiency. Expose your arms and legs between the hours of 10 am and 3pm.

Take in a lot of Vitamin D-rich food. If you are not getting exposed in the sun that often, might as well make up your Vitamin D intake by eating food with high contents of Vitamin D. These include mushrooms, butter, margarine, egg yolk, cheese, and cereals. Fortified drinks such as Orange Juice and Low-fat milk are also good sources of Vitamin D.

Eat a lot of Seafood. While you are spending much time on the seas and oceans this summer, much as well maximize it by eating locally-prepared seafoods. This does not only guarantee you a fresh and delectable gastronomic delight, you also get the chance of obtaining Vitamin D at its finest. Salmons and other fatty fish are the best source of Vitamin D.

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