Frustrations have No Place for a Productive Person

For us to function well, it is important that we are not only healthy physically, but also mentally and psychologically. Besides, one aspect of our body affects the others, such that improper mental functioning may also disrupt the physical structures of the body. Hence we should always promote the well-being of both our physiological and mental conditions.

Sometimes, we face frustrations, anxiety and depression and these seem to curtail our physical activities such as sleeping, eating and socializing. More badly, our emotions greatly affect how we function, hence it is more likely that we cannot focus on our work when we have negative emotions.

Do not allow frustrations, depressions, and pessimistic feelings ruin your day and hinder you from being productive. Let go of these negative emotions and see how fruitful you can be at the end of the day.

One way to let go of frustrations is to relax. Get away from things that cause you so much stress, which can be your work, academic, or even people. Try to avoid contact with these stressors until your frustrations subside. You may consider taking a leave from work, or setting a “cool-off” time with people who give you much stress.

Crying is also one effective way to wash away frustrations and negative feelings. Perhaps this is the body’s natural way to rinse negative energies off our bodies. Experts say that when we cry, our bodies release chemicals, which overturn the chemicals responsible for our feeling down.

Doing exercise is also a good way to release tension and stress from our body. The next time you feel bad, consider taking a quick jog or hitting the gym. This way, you did not only liberate your body from negative emotions, but also made it at least fitter and leaner.

Translate your negative feelings into something productive. Getting pre-occupied into some other things lets you forget the frustrations, guilt and bad emotions you earlier feel. How nice it is to learn new skills such as playing the guitar or doing the rumba?

Most importantly, pray. Praying is still the best way to let go of negative feelings and emotions. You may also seek help from people whom you trust and love. They can be your family, a close friend, or a workmate who understands where you are coming from.

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