Exciting Pool Activities and Exercises

Summer is here. Chances are, you will be spending much time on the waters. Summer also is a good time to do some exercises and fitness activities, to make up for all the calories one has gained during the past seasons. Good thing there are a lot of exciting activities you can do at the pool. Make the most out of summer the enjoying splashing the pool while staying fit and in shape by trying these simple and easy-to-do pool exercises!

1. Water Squats. Make your feet muscles stronger and more toned by trying this very simple exercise. In a chest level swimming pool, stand on your legs about two feet apart. Assume a sitting position by slowly bending your knees and your hips backward. Spread your hands forward to balance yourself. Slowly get back to standing position and repeat the same process for 6 rounds.

2. Lateral Raises. You need to go to a pool with water level up to your shoulders to do this exercise. First, stand with your hands resting on your side. Next, slowly lift your hands sidewards until they reach the water-level. Do this for 12 repetitions. This activity improves your bicep and tricep muscles.

3. Wave Jumps. This exercise is more interesting as you can only do this in the ocean with waves or in pools with a wave simulator. Stand in a knee-level water. As waves approach, try to jump over them. This water exercise provides the similar exercise jump ropes provide, only it is more exciting as it is done in the water. It improves your balance and strengthens your leg and thigh muscles.

4. Leg Lift. See the exercise ballerinas do before their performances? You can also do this in the pool! In a shoulder-level pool, stand while holding gently into the pool sides. While your left hand having a steady grip on the pool edge, slowly lift your right foot sideward as high as you can. Now turn around and do the same with your other leg. Note that you must not force yourself to lift your leg, lest you may end up breaking your ankle and foot.

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