CrossFit is the New Craze

Every fitness fanatic seems to be swept by the introduction of a new fitness program. By the sound of it, this fitness program really seems to have some interesting tinge on it. After all, what people look for is something they can enjoy while shedding of some weight from the scales (which is really a challenging process for some).

And indeed, Crossfit is something you can enjoy. But first, let’s start with some background, which is as equally interesting as the fitness program itself. Well, Crossfit originated as a fitness exercise for the military men, martial artists and athletes. But due to the increase in demands in the fitness program in the market (guess more and more people are becoming shape-conscious!), Crossfit was eventually repackaged to become suitable for every individual who wants that toned and fit body. So now, Crossfit is enjoyed by many moms, grandmoms, and some more grandmoms who now ooze with sexiness after their regimen with Crossfit.

And how did they get hooked to this new fitness program in a whim? Here are some reasons.

a.) Systematic Process. Crossfit involves a step-by-step, efficient process where fitness participants work on a daily basis, known as the “Workout of the Day” or WOD. You can enlist to a program which may run from a month to six months.

b.) Exciting routines. Crossfit includes easy, familiar and exciting routines. With a combination of this routine and that routine, your perfect shape is surely just a dumbbell lift away.

c.) Easy to follow program guides. Crossfit employs the use of funny abbreviations, which make the whole process all the more exciting. Terms such as BW for Bodyweight, GTG for Grease the Groove, HSPU for Hand Stand Push Up, and YBF for You’ll be fine are nowhere to be found except in Crossfit.

d.) Exciting instructional videos. Crossfit comes with an array of instructional videos which you can subscribe to in the whole duration of your fitness program. Some of the vids however, are not free, so you may have to pay in order to view them.

e.) Complete Package. Nothing is more inclusive than Crossfit. It does only take charge of your routines, but also your nutrition as you go through the process. Crossfit provides you with a list of recipes that compliment to your workout sessions. Crossfit also provides a directory of gyms and professional fitness coaches who could assist you as you take on the challenge of fitness.

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