Cool and Exciting Fitness Gadgets

I am not really into exercising before. I never made a big deal out of my body physique and figure. After all, the gym is not the place for me, I thought. But when I came across these cool and exercising exercise gadgets in the Internet, I suddenly changed tack and tried the fascinating world of fitness. And I got hooked in an instant! Now, I regularly do some fitness routines, and I am enjoying myself with the help of my favorite fitness gadgets, which are the following:

1. Fitbit Ultra. Small as a car key, this gadget looks like flashdrive which you use to save files from your computer. But the Fitbit Ultra works just as well as the flashdrive. The only difference is it does not save files, but your day’s activities and how much calories you might have lost (or gained) as you did them. You clip this little gadget on your waist band or put into your pocket.

You turn it on and let it do the monitoring for the day. FitBit records all the activities you did for the day (or night) such as climbing stairs, and the number of steps you made and the distance you covered. Conversely, it provides the possible count of calories you lost with these activities. You can see these results at the end of the day at your computer using the plug-in device, which comes in handy with your Fitbit gadget when you buy it.

2. Scoche Mytrek Wireless Pulse Monitor. I learned that I could maximize the use of my iPhone by using it in my fitness regimen. With Scoche Mytrek Wireless Pulse Monitor, I can now monitor my pulse while jogging at the same time does my favorite stuff with my iPhone (I love listening to iTunes with my iPad as I jog). All I have to do is to strap it in my forearm and its features, which include LED and accelerometer captures my pulse rates. It is very handy I can even wear them as I go to work.

3. The Ki Fit. This device works just as fine as the Fitbit ultra, but it’s more stylish as it looks like a posh wrist watch. This gadget also monitors the calories you are burning, steps you made and distances you covered, and other activities. What is good about this gadget is that it gives a detailed report about your day’s activity, so that you get the idea what to improve and what aspect of your diet should you cut back to achieve that desired perfectly lean and toned body.

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