Avoid Getting Summer Colds

Just when you thought that you were through with the colds the past winter has given you, here you are again suffering from the discomfort brought by having a stuffed nose and frequent sneezing — all in height of summer! And what is worse is that you are missing all the fun and enjoyment just because of the nasty summer colds. But do not let this illness take all the fun away! Here are simple tips to kissing your summer colds goodbye and making the most out of the summertime!

Vitamin C is the Key. Nothing beats ascorbic acid as still the best cure for colds and nasal allergies. Take in a lot of fruits rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, pineapples, papayas, and other tropical fruits. Not only are these fruits healthy and delicious, they are also in their best quality during the summer. So if you are visiting a place, this summer, discover what vitamin C-rich fruit it can offer to have a delicious and healthy experience!

Have some snooze. Who doesn’t want a nice sleep? Besides, it is summer and most children, and students are out from school, and some office cut back working hours during the summer. Hence, this season is the most opportune time to get a lot of sleep. This will not only prevent you from catching summer colds, but also allows your body to stack up enough antibodies you will need in the coming seasons.

Be sure you’re eating clean, sanitary food. With summer comes with different events and gatherings where you surely are going to tackle food, food and more food! But before you pig out and get your fill, be sure that these foods are prepared in a clean, safe and sanitary manner. Illnesses, including colds and allergies, can be caught from the food we intake This also holds true to the utensils you use while you eat.

Proper hydration.
Summer gives nauseating heat that sometimes it can give too many common illnesses such as migraine, and allergies. Drinking a healthy amount of water can replenish lost fluids, and it helps to regulate our body temperature through sweating. Hence, during summertime, it is best to double up on drinking lots of water. We can appreciate the many benefits of drinking water to help boost our immune system.

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