Avoid Exposure to Hormonal Disruptors

Hormones compose a vital part in the human body. These are chemicals, which basically are in charge of important processes in the body: regulation of blood-sugar level, balance of electrolytes, making bones stronger, and the regulation of energies in the body. Hormones are also responsible in converting food intake into energy, burning fats and building muscles, and allows female human to bear a child. Simply put, hormones are the agents for chemical changes that account for the growth, development and energy functions of the body.

Hormones are secreted by glands in the endocrine system. Once released, these chemicals are distributed evenly in the whole body through the blood vessel. It is important also that the body produces enough hormones to supply the amount needed by the body in order to achieve homeostasis, or the state of balance in the body.

It is in this reason that the hormonal production must be a prime concern to maintain the well-being of the body. This can be done by avoiding intakes of things, known as hormone disruptors, that bring negative effects to the hormones, and the creation thereof. Here are some of the things to avoid to prevent the occurrence of hormonal disruptions.

Plastics are very harmful to the body’s hormones. They contain chemicals, such as bisphenol A, which is known to be notorious hormone disruptors. To prevent from acquiring these harmful chemicals, do not heat your food in plastic containers, do not heavily consume foods, which are packed and stored for a long time in plastics, and lessen the use of plastics as a whole.

Detergents are also bad for the hormones. They contain Nonylphenol ethoxylates which are known hormone disruptors. These chemicals are also present in house paints, cosmetics and synthetic textiles. Avoid consumption of these products if possible.

The harmful chemicals, phthalates, are another hormone disruptor that are present in some of the most well-loved household items. These include air fresheners, soaps, lotions, and other products, which are patronized for their pleasant smell. Exposure to phthalates present in these products may result in reduced sperm count in men, and genetic aberrations among infants whose mothers got exposed to phthalates.

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