Amp Up your Health with Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are a must-have in every recipe. Experts say that you should take in at least one serving of green and leafy vegetables. After all, vegetables are good for your health: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, proteins, iron, folic acid, and low calories. That’s why vegetable must be a staple item in every family’s dining table.

But some find it hard to include this wonder food in every meal. Mommies (or whoever is doing the cooking) have to have a wide variety of knowledge on how to prepare varied vegetables for a sumptuous meal, or else they will tire their kids with the usual stir fried, boiled, or baked vegetables. Indeed, it takes a culinary expert to come up with creative varieties of vegetable meals.

But there is one great technique to make sure there is a vegetable in every meal – by juicing them! Juiced vegetables are not only an interesting addition to every meal, but also are sure favorite of children. By juicing vegetables, you also preserve and maintain their nutrients and minerals, unlike in frying and boiling, which reduces their nutrient value.

Every family member will surely love to have his/her own glass of vegetable juice on the next meal. So start juicing your favorite vegetables with the help of these few simple tips on vegetable juicing.

Drinking vegetable juice for the first time may be an unpleasant experience to some, especially those who are not really vegetable lovers in the first place. So pick the vegetables you are most familiar with, and the ones you really love, during your first try of vegetable juicing.

At the first try of vegetable juice intake, your may not love the taste, because your taste buds don’t recognize it and thus may need more time to adjust to the new taste. Have little sips of your vegetable juice on your first try, and you may increase your intake on the next tries. Slowly, by slowly, your will gradually be loving and getting used to the taste of juiced vegetables.

But if you can’t really take the taste of pure vegetable juices, you can also add some fresh fruits in the juice. Mix fruits such as apples, strawberries, and bananas with sweet-tasting veggies such as carrots and beets. You may also mix leafy vegetables with fruits, especially apple, which blends well with every ingredient when juiced.

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